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The fastest growing value-for-money hotel chain in Europe

Grégoire and Gaëlle P.
Owners and Franchisees, B&B HOTEL St Nazaire Centre



“Only pay for what you use”.
Optimised pricing for carefully-selected services: our prices
are calculated to be very fair and we make no compromise on what is most important for a pleasant stay: a comfortable bed, a generous breakfast, a robust wifi and a modern design.


We prove that more sustainable does not have to mean more expensive.
CSR commitment is a debt.

  • 38% of customers seek information about CSR efforts beforebooking,
  • 54% filter their choice of hotels based on certification.

B&B HOTELS is the only CSR certified hotel chain to date.

Our network

We are constantly expanding in Europe and beyond.

Our journey

We grow steadily with high ambitions. We have tripled our growth over the past 10 years. Between 2019 and 2022, B&B HOTELS opened more Budget & Eco hotels than any other chain anywhere, steadily increasing our market share and securing our path towards market leadership.

Our keys to success

Operational expertise


B&B HOTELS boasts extensive operational expertise, with hands-on management experience of over 700 properties. We pass on these valuable insights to our new franchise partners, paving their way to a successful venture.

Established customer base


B&B HOTELS franchisees can benefit from direct cost savings by tapping into our large and reliable customer base. Their trust and preference enabled us to secure 67% of our bookings directly in 2022. This not only strengthens our bond with customers but also reduces franchisees’ dependence on Online Travel Agencies and associated commissions.

Property development


Our design and technical teams are equipped with unique skills in hotel development, holding an impressive track record of opening more than 100 B&B HOTELS annually. As a franchisee, you can leverage our smart hotel expertise to build or renovate your property in the most cost- effective and profitable manner, whatever the environment of your hotel.

Higher revenue


Hotels repositioned under the B&B HOTELS brand in Europe have experienced a revenue increase directly after the first year of operations. To learn more about achievable revenue performances, contact our development team.


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Do I need to be a hotelier to become a B&B HOTELS franchisee?


Not necessarily. It is true that an experienced hotelier may be able to set up and manage his establishment faster due to their prior knowledge and skills. Yet, if you come from a different background , it is still possible to succeed as a B&B HOTELS franchisee. The key is focusing on the following aspects:

  • Ensuring the customer is the primary focus of your business
  • Providing superior service and high-quality products
  • Establishing a strong presence in the local market

Furthermore, as a franchisee, you’re not alone in this endeavour. Our dedicated team is always available to provide the necessary tools and guidance to ensure your success.

What support does B&B HOTELS provide for its franchisees?


At B&B HOTELS, we provide a range of comprehensive services to our franchisees. Key among them is a dedicated point of contact, ensuring that you have easy and efficient access to support whenever you need it.

Our franchisees also receive comprehensive support including initial training, operations recommendations, marketing assistance, and ongoing operational support.

How does B&B HOTELS assist me with revenue and day-to-day management?


We provide advice and strategies for effective revenue management. We also provide guidance for the day-to-day operations of your franchise, ensuring smooth and efficient management.

How does the B&B HOTEL brand image and reputation benefit me as a franchisee?


As a franchisee, you’ll be part of the B&B Hotels group, a well-regarded and recognized brand in the hospitality industry. This established brand image and reputation can increase the trust and confidence of potential customers in your establishment, thereby supporting your business success.

What is the customer satisfaction score for B&B HOTELS?


Our group-wide customer satisfaction score is a proud 80.1 out of 100, demonstrating our commitment to guest satisfaction and service excellence. This score exceeds that of our competitors in most countries where B&B HOTELS operates.

Source: Trust You | 2022, all sources (Average of all basic ratings about hotel experience , base 100) | Compset including main European hotel chains (Accor, Louvre hotels, IHG, Motel One, Whitbread…)

What kind of assistance does B&B Hotels provide in establishing my franchise?


We provide full support in several key areas:

  • Location Selection: We assist you in identifying the best location for your franchise.
  • Establishment Conception: We assist you in designing and configuring your hotel to ensure optimal financial performance and operational efficiency
  • Design and Material Selection: We guide you in choosing the right designs and materials.

Does B&B HOTELS provide any training?


Absolutely. We offer comprehensive training programmes to ensure you or your team are fully equipped to run the franchise successfully.

What ongoing fees can I expect to pay as a B&B HOTELS franchisee?


The specific fees can vary depending on the country in which you plan to establish your franchise. However, at B&B HOTELS, there are typically three main types of fees:

  • Royalty Fee: This is a percentage of your room revenue, excluding taxes.
  • Entrance Fee: This fee is calculated based on the number of rooms in your hotel. It is paid in two instalments – half at the time of contract signing and the remaining half at the hotel’s opening.
  • Technical Fee: This is a fixed fee, half of which is due upon obtaining the permit and the remaining half at the hotel’s opening.